Dec 2nd 2016 @ Foyle S. C.

A book the was published by the British Government featuring the Palestine Pavilion at the British Empire Exhibition 1924



This book, which was forwarded by Sir Herbert Samuel the first High Commissioner in Mandate Palestine, is barely presenting anything that was, actually, Palestinian. 99% of what it was advertising were businesses and projects that were run by Jewish immigrants. Having said that doesn’t mean that some Jews were not actually Palestinians but my point here is how the British Empire, who published this book greatly ignored representing the native people of Palestine except few texts that were written about them as if they were mere objects.  Also, I must say that I was really struck by how the Zionists were comfortable with using the term ‘Palestine’ unlike nowadays, where they totally avoid recognising Palestine as the same place as their Israel. They started with the land and then conquered the name. This makes me think of the current political regime of the Palestinian Authority (PA). It seems that they are so keen on the name ‘Palestine’ but with barely no land; as they only, partially,  govern 17% of the overall original space of the Palestinian land. In short, neither the Zionist ‘Palestine’ nor the PA’s ‘Palestine is actually my Palestine.

What is recognised today as Palestine

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