I find the context of this opportunity very appealing and in line with my practice as an artist. Both the archives at Liddell Hart Centre and The Foyle Special Collections sound really interesting in relation to my interest in researching colonial and post-colonial contexts. In some of my previous works archives were an integral part of the overall research. For example: when I was working on Playing House 2008-2011 I benefited from using an archive of an organisation in Jerusalem called Al-Maqdese. Their archive contained lots of statistical data about houses demolition in Jerusalem. I combined data that I have collected together with the data extracted from their archive and came up with a visual installation (Image 1).

Les Prairies | Les Ateliers de Rennes 2012-17.jpg

Image 1: Playing House at Rennes Biennial 2012, Courtesy Bisan Abu Eisheh and Teixeira de Freitas art collection. Image Courtesy Les Prairies_Rennes.

Furthermore, for the last 4 years of my practice, I have been mainly researching an archive of my family. Data extracted from reading and analysing the documents of my family are the main driver for this ongoing research which, have already led to some outcomes and also still the main backbone for some future plans.

This is the first time where I will be working in the context of a colonial military archive. I don’t know what to expect yet but my attempt is to look at materials connected to Palestine during the British Mandate and from there I’ll try to narrow my focus towards a visual outcome.